A Sweet Band Indeed

The Copilots are a Vancouver based experimental rock music band.

" anthology of ambitious, timeless rock and roll music."

FULL REVIEW > Fingers on Blast

"...On their third and most recent album, Sunstroke, Copilots have finally landed on a sound that is distinctly theirs. Both experimental and accessible..."

Robert Mangelsdorf - FULL REVIEW > Westender


"...You may not immediately know the destination, but trust Copilots to take you along for a ride..."

Top Tracks: “Defences”; “The Falls”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

Michael Thomas - FULL REVIEW > Grayowl Point

"...Copilots are well worth taking time to spend to get to know..."

Tim - FULL REVIEW > Emerging Indie Bands

"...On mesmerizing new album Sunstroke, Copilots serve up trippy psychedelia laced with avant-garde and noise inflections, and they do so with a level of instrumental excellence not usually exhibited by most current practitioners of the genre..."

Kerry Doole - FULL REVIEW > New Canadian Music

"...alternative psych-rock territory that Copilots call home. It’s a post-rock place, though, and not entirely conventional as the journey through is peppered with experimentation..."

Mark Anthony Brennan - FULL REVIEW > Ride The Tempo

"...There isn’t a bad tune on this record and I love when a listener gets their money’s worth..."

Doug - FULL REVIEW > Review Geek

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