A Sweet Band Indeed

The Copilots are a Vancouver based experimental rock music band.



Sunstroke, produced by Jesse Zubot (Tanya Tagaq, Fond of Tigers, Dan Mangan), is Copilots' third album and their second release through Drip Audio. A long period of introspection by Skye has resulted in the most personal and bold music the band has played thus far. The constraints of short form pop and straight ahead rock are abandoned without sacrificing craftsmanship. The band brings their collective experience with and love for avant-garde jazz, punk, free improv, pop, noise, and psychedelic rock into a beautiful and mysterious balance. Producer Jesse Zubot pushes the band beyond their comfort zones as they explore strange new territories of form and sound. Sunstroke features a deep rhythmic foundation, fierce and tender guitar playing, soaring vocals, and surreal synth and string textures. Dream-like lyricism explores memories of childhood, the power of wilderness, mortality and the creative act. The album is available for purchase on iTunes.



Escape Through The Trees


On Escape Through The Trees, their first CD on Drip Audio, Copilots have captured a sound that is familiar, unique, eclectic and cohesive, tapping deep into elements of pop, psychedelic, punk and classic rock. Escape Through The Trees documents the group moving forward into new sonic territory from it’s original release, further exploring the talents of the band members' gifted songwriting and musicianship.



(self titled debut)


Pop, folk, punk and classic rock all inform their familiar yet unique sound. The songs feature adventurous, captivating melodies and dream-like lyrical images. The energetic rhythms that propel the band, whether complex or simple, always feel seemless and natural. Their self-titled, 2007 debut album has captured these qualities beautifully.